Emotion Thesaurus 2nd Edition Review

Emotion Thesaurus Writing Tip 3

I was lucky enough to see a copy of the Emotion Thesaurus 2ndEdition before publication due on 19th February,  for my honest review.

I purchased the first edition a few years ago and became my bible for my own writing. It taught me a great deal about how to put emotion across through physical actions and internal reactions. I didn’t read the introduction pages of the 1stEdition and went straight to the thesaurus, but as I’m reviewing the 2ndEdition I read the book from the start.

Introduction – I found the description of vocal cues, body language, thoughts and visceral reactions very helpful. We all hear these phrases but the description of each opened my mind up to how I should be using them. The same applies to backstory, baseline reactions, comfort zone, reactions etc.These can be scary things to approach for fear of getting them wrong. They can be the difference to an okayish book to a brilliant one, with characters that come alive. This section has been expanded and an excellent starting point. It’s like a mini workshop, creating a better understanding on how to use the following pages. And, us writers do love a workshop – right?

The Thesaurus –  The 1stEdition has 75 root emotions, the 2ndEdition has 130.

The book is really a starting point to help us seek out our own ways to describe our character’s emotions. Personally as a shy and introverted person, I have no idea how a confident person full of their own self-worth and pride reacts to situations, or that evil character plotting the downfall of their nemesis but now I have an idea of how to approach it.

I absolutely love this book and the whole series really and feel they have helped me to become a better writer.

More information on the book can be located here


Additionally, there is a free webinar available until the end of February full of helpful tips for your writing which can be located here:



One thought on “Emotion Thesaurus 2nd Edition Review

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing, Suzanne! Becca and I both really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and hope it will help other writers decide if this is the right tool for them, I hope you find this book will help you moving forward as you write more books. ❤


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